Pump Watcher FP 2

The electronic pump monitor FP2 combines pressur switch and flow-through watcher (with dry running protection) within one appliance.FP2 perfectly controls and protects AC pumps.
Its usage is limited to pumps with a maximum pressure of 10 bar, for usage with higher pressures an external pressure limiter needs to be installed.
A green LED shows operational readiness,a red LED is used to display an error message. The pump starts automatically after it is connected to mains, and the monitor watchdog FP 2 now take control.
If there is pressure in the pipework, but no flow-trough, FP2 shuts down the pump after a short time delay.
If the operating pressure decreases to a point lower than the pre-adjusted switching pressure, FP2 re-startets the pump if however after re-starting no pressure is built up FP 2 detects dry-running after a short time dalay and switches off the pump again.The error is displayed via the red LED.
The pump can be re-started by pressing thereset button.


  • Home water works
  • Sprinkler irrigation equipment
  • etc.
  • Motor cable 0,1m lang
  • Earthing type plug 0,9 m long

image: FP 2