FANAL then and now

FANAL was established as a company to produce automatic electrical switchgear by businessman Eduard Metzenauer and engineer Siegfried Jung in 1924

In 1975, the company had more than 100 technical and representative offices in addition to its production facilities. Exports accounted for more than 60% of production and Metzenauer & Jung had a workforce of about 3,000 people at that time

In 1980, the company had subsidiaries in England, the Netherlands and Brazil. By 1981, several takeover offers had been rejected but the company then decided to sell 95 % of its shares to the US Westinghouse group in a difficult economic situation in order to secure the American market. In 1999, FANAL was acquired by the Entrelec Group, which was then taken over by ABB

After more than 20 years in responsible positions in switchgear production, Franz Appel assumed responsibility for the FANAL switchgear agency which is still active today. As we have many years of experience in all stages of the business activities of FANAL, we are thoroughly familiar with switchgear not only from FANAL but also from Schiele, Entrelec and ABB

Nowadays, we supply switchgear and other electrical products to customers throughout the world. We still focus on the purchase and sale of FANAL products as well as successor products from other high-quality European manufacturers.